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Top-Rated leaf guards

Leaf guards from Alu-Rex are an inventive and dependable way to keep your gutters clear of debris. Prevent water damage problems and improve the look of your house.

Are Clogged Gutters Turning Your Home's Exterior Upside Down?

Gutter Guys can help

Keeping up the exterior of your home includes many areas that are often overlooked, such as the gutters above your downspouts. We at Gutter Guys realize the importance of sheathing your house against a relentless inundation of leaves, debris, and environmental factors that may turn the world your gutters live in on its head.

With our spiffy leaf guards, gutter clogging is eliminated. Thus, your family feels secure and protected.

Currently, blocked downpipes represent a serious concern since they not only hinder the regular movement of rainwater but also create a range of adverse effects. For instance, over the slide, the roofs are filled with leaves that cause water damage, especially during the fall.

Gutter blockage leads to water accumulation, pest infestations, and other foundation problems.

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Overflowing Gutters Causing Damage? Here's How Leaf Guards Can Help!

Gutter Guys has you covered

Water buildup in clogged gutters may lead to water overflow, which can cause massive leaks in your roof, siding, and foundation. Water standing in the overflowing gutter also acts as a breeding spot for mosquitoes and other parasites, which can jeopardize your family’s health.

The overflowing water around your home foundation will give you much more than simply water ingress. Other structural issues also follow, such as foundation cracks. Therefore, an effective solution needs to be found and put in place.
Our high-quality leaf guards will serve as a reliable barrier across your gutters, eliminating debris intrusion and allowing you to enjoy the free flow of water. The guard’s design is its distinguishing feature, guaranteeing a leaves—and debris-free gutter during winter in unblocked lanes for the whole year.

Made of advanced materials, our leaf guards are highly durable and resist extreme weather, including heavy rain. Our leaf guards present a low-maintenance alternative, eliminating the necessity for regular maintenance. This guarantees that you will not have to waste much of your time and effort.

Never Worry About Clogged Gutters Again with Alu-rex lifetime warranty!

Alu-Rex gutter guards are built with superior quality and backed by an industry-leading lifetime clog-free warranty. Plus, many installations qualify for a lifetime sturdiness warranty, guaranteeing your gutters will remain strong and secure for years to come. Invest in peace of mind and a lifetime of worry-free gutters with Alu-Rex.

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Peace of Mind and a Beautiful Home: What More Could You Ask for Your Gutters?

Gutter Guys has you covered

We tailor our leaf guard style collection to match your practical household needs and personal preferences. We aim to provide you with not only security but also a splendid view of your house.

This investment in our leaf guards has several benefits, such as maintaining your home’s curb appeal and value if it is being put up for sale. Clogged gutters may lead to many problems, such as water damage, foundation issues, and other costs.

In this case, prevention is worth more than repair. Selecting leaf guards means providing peace of mind, knowing that you will no longer have to worry about your gutters and that your home will be protected against any damage that leaves might cause. 

Don’t let overflowing gutter systems ruin your home’s foundation. For a more efficient solution, trust in the Gutter Guys Leaf Guards to eliminate your leaf-clogging problem.

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