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fascia replacement Newark NY

Expert Fascia Replacement in Newark, NY: Enhancing Your Home's Exterior Integrity

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New York weather is hard on the outside of our houses, especially the roof edges. Whether it’s a few gutter and trim pieces damaged by ice or the entire overhang, let our knowledgeable staff handle the work and provide a solution. All year long, our knowledgeable staff offers soffit and fascia replacement in Newark, NY and more!

A sturdy roof and lovely siding are investments that are worthwhile for any home. It’s time to focus on the finishing touches that enhance your home’s exterior. Placing fascia and soffits beneath the rafters not only improves the aesthetics of your home but also keeps out birds, squirrels, and debris.

Our passion is fulfilling your dreams of house remodeling. Our team of experts has installed fascias and soffits for years. To give your house a gorgeous appearance, we know how to use the best materials. Our primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction with our work and the value of your home restoration project!

Newark Fascia Replacement Near Me: Convenient Solutions for Your Home

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An issue with the gutter and leader system may cause water and ice to back up against the fascias, damaging the soffits and fascia boards. Above the roof edge, the ends of the rafters are secured with a flat board called a fascia board. The roof overhang is enclosed by the fascia beneath the eave that runs along the edge of the roof. Gutter attachment is done on the fascia board.

Although the fascia boards and soffits may appear to only require a fresh coat of paint from the ground up, dirt or the weight of the gutters may occasionally cause the nails to come away. If the gutter tilts, there can be a gap between it and the fascia board. Following that, water starts to trickle down the fascia board and along the soffit. Water can damage not only the fascia board but also the ceiling and the foundation if it seeps through. Upon close inspection, it will become evident that the wood is beyond repair and you will need to start replacing rotted facia boards.

Along the eave, our gutter repair experts will carefully pull off the fascia board to remove any debris that may have accumulated behind it. We will remove the flashing and replace any under-soffit plywood. They will also take out any deteriorating, spongy, crumbling, or brittle boards. The installation of new fascia boards, soffit vents, and flashing follows.

With our Newark facia replacement near me services, we can use tongue-and-groove beaded board to match the old soffit. Additionally, we provide a variety of soffit materials, including plywood, vinyl, and aluminum. Gutter Guys can update the materials in your home for increased weather protection. Alternatively, we can add new fascias and soffits to your house to improve its appearance and value.

fascia replacement Newark, NY

Fascia Replacement in Newark, NY

fascia board replacement Newark NY

Professional Fascia Board Replacement in Newark, NY: Restoring Your Home's Appearance and Function

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There are a few telltale signs that indicate when soffit and fascia board replacement in Newark, NY is necessary. Leaky or broken gutters are one indicator since they can cause moisture infiltration and harm to your fascia and soffit. In addition, keep an eye out for any signs of water damage in your home, which might appear in any area, and for any sudden bug presence indoors. These could indicate deeper problems that need to be addressed right away, like holes or substantial damage.

House Fascia Board Replacement in Newark, NY: Trusted Service for Your Property's Integrity

Gutter Guys Is All you Need

If you need help with fascia and soffit repairs, you’ve come to the right place. We can send an expert to your home in a few hours, and our crew is available by phone or email.

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